Our Story

Who We Are:

Forever We Dream is a brand that embodies modern luxury, passion, and dreams. It is a brand for the modern woman who takes her life from city avenues to getaway destinations and who wants everyday style without sacrificing quality or comfort. It’s for the woman who chases life with passion, faces challenges with an edge, and makes the world better as she goes through it.

We want this modern woman to meet life’s moments with style and comfort. For this reason, we are committed to offering the highest quality women’s clothing, ethically made at a contemporary price point.

Our Mission:

Enjoy the best life has to offer, get there with passion, encourage the dreams of others and never stop dreaming.

Instilled with American spirit, we have travelled the world seeking to learn how our passion and inspiration compares to the passion of others. We have experienced the elegance and sophistication of world-class cities as well as the timeless culture of towns off the beaten path. We have met people from all walks of life and through our shared experiences we have learned that we enjoy life’s luxuries more when we know our life extends beyond them. Our passion for life grows through encouraging passion in others. Our dreams grow by encouraging the dreams of others.

Because we have met and shared experiences with women the world over, and because we understand their desire for opportunities to work and achieve, we are committed to advancing the lives of women everywhere by seeking opportunities to hire, train and mentor women and do business with women-owned businesses. Furthermore, we work with young designers to help them manufacture and bring to market their designs – a growing focus of our business. We are women who understand how the right opportunity can change everything, and we try to make a difference by providing opportunities for women to help themselves.

Our Manufacturing:

We believe that how we source and manufacture our products defines who we are just as much as the style and quality of our designs. We work with companies that employ women at living wages and believe in the ethical treatment of workers. We also use only the finest quality materials for each and every product.

We are proud to work with manufacturers that employ women, pay living wages, and support ethical treatment of workers, and we strive to further the cause of women workers worldwide.

Because we know where they come from, we are proud to stand behind every product we make!